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What are people saying about Mark?

Jeff Hiller - owner of the Castle of Muskogee
We just started the grand opening for the Haunted Castle that night, the full street cast came out front doing their opening dance with music and lights. Then, I look over at the crowd to see how they were enjoying it. All I could see were their butts. No one was watching opening. I had to come over to see what was happening. I thought someone had fainted or died. There you were, in the middle of our guests with just three coins, doing magic and everyone was watching you!
Jeff Rooks - Entertainment Director at Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival
Second weekend of fair, I was walking down our main street and in front of 'Charlie's Place' the whole lane was blocked with people surrounding a picnic table. There you were in the center of them with just one dice playing a game. Not only entertaining the ones you were playing with, but you were also talking to everyone and getting them involved too  

Steve Baker - Mr Escape
Mark, when you walked out on that stage you had a rapport with the audience. Both you and they were having nothing but fun. I have not seen such interaction in the last thirty years.
Unnamed Judge at an International Escape Convention
I probably should not tell you this, but one of the judges almost had to leave during your show. He was laughing so hard he just about P***** his pants.  

Marty general manager of Casa Bonita Denver
Durring your underwater escape off our cliffs, it was the first time this restrant came to a compleat stand still. Every aisle was blocked with people wanting to see. None of the servers could move, and you could hear a pen drop as they all waited till you freed yourself.

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