Why a HiWheeler

- no grease or chain marks on pants or legs
- no flats
- great workout
- quiet, no chain or deraiileur noise
- makes people smile
- has calming effect on harried car drivers, kind of like a horse in traffic
- conversation piece
- a challenge
- if car free it becomes recreation compared to other bikes which are transportation
- everyone loves bike, no matter the age, race or socioec level
- non threatening
- disarming
- doesn't stir competitive juices among other cyclists
- Makes one a stronger cyclist
- good way to get know city
- Natural high
- best visibility around!
- Pure simplicity two wheels, two berings, two pedals and the backbone, handlebars and saddle
- Attention-getting
- Unique
- Graceful like a greyhound; swift, quiet
- the bike that really got people riding
- riding a time machine.
- Breaks down barriers

My first try at riding a true bike.

(a 36 inch training bike) 

Trying out a 42 inch to see how I like it.

Finding it a tad small if you can belive it. 

This is my first ride on my "new" bike.

a 1883, 52 inch Expert Columbia


Sir Mark doing his 10 mile OHWT* ride
OHWT* (Official High Wheel Tour)

Now working towards becoming a century member of the Wheelmen by completeing a Wheelmen's 100-mile OHWT*

OHWT* (Official High Wheel Tour)

Sir Mark Logsdon
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